Double Hammock with Tree Straps.Complete Package for Quick Hanging.Hanging Straps Are Included in the Package.Portable,Ultra-light Parachute Nylon.Camping Hammock for Backpacking,Traveling,Fishing…

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Maky’s Camping Portable Lightweight Hammocks Are Here To Make Your Day & Save Your Nights! They are the finest, most comfortable air beds ever made! Read on and find out why. Bouble Delight Maky’s Hammock is made with emphasis on simplicity and practicality. Premium materials are used in production. The hammock weights only 2.5lbs and

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Maky’s Camping Portable Lightweight Hammocks Are Here To Make Your Day & Save Your Nights!

They are the finest, most comfortable air beds ever made! Read on and find out why.

Bouble Delight

Maky’s Hammock is made with emphasis on simplicity and practicality. Premium materials are used in production. The hammock weights only 2.5lbs and takes up about as much space as a 25oz wine bottle.

Double hammock provides comfort and enough space for one to two people. It is an ideal choice for a family trip with children. Cuddle and enjoy beautiful moments!

Practical Packing – More Practical Use!

Maky’s straps enable you to hang your hammock fast and trouble-free. Using these straps, you can hang your hammock in no time!

You may use it to sit on, sleep on, to relax and have a peaceful moment alone or with your family or friends. Place it in your front or back yard, on your balcony anywhere you want!

A storage bag is attached to the hammock, i.e. Store it anywhere you like (the car, the closet, your backpack). It’s not easy to lose unlike many other bags. While relaxing in the swing hammock, the bag can be used as a pocket for personal items.

The perfect gift for you and your loved ones. It will offer you comfort during the day and protect you from annoying bugs and insects during the night, since it may wrap over you like a cocoon – so that you may have a good night’s sleep.

Order Your Maky’s Camp Hammock Today & Off You Go! Add To Your Cart To Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life!

Product Features

  • MADE FOR ADVENTURES: The extra large Maky’s Camping Hammock is made of strong, durable, ultra light parachute nylon! For maximum strength, it has triple-stitched seams in all essential areas. Its dimensions of 10´5´´ x 6´6´´ provide users with amazing comfort, so that they can take it with them, to all their activities.
  • A FINE SIMPLE & EASY DESIGN: The hammock´s main advantages include a light weight and space-saving AND unique eco-friendly design. When packed, it is no bigger than a 0.75-liter bottle of wine, and its weight is as low as 2.5 lbs. The hammock is very eco-friendly, and does not leave any traces of its use. The smart 10ft long straps with snap hooks and a net, are included in the package along with instructions.
  • EASY TO CARRY-EASIER TO INTSALL: So lightweight, it will astonish you! Hang it in minutes by its straps and start having fun! We know from experience that it is not easy to tie the right knot at the right distance from the tree. Conventional ropes stretch, so you must install a regular camp hammock several times before you get it right. That is why our hammocks have only straps (not ropes), which cause no damage to bark and leave no traces on the tree.
  • THE STRAPS ARE THE KEY: StrapS adjust extremely quick and easy. You don´t need to tie complex knots and struggle to untie them. You simply wind the straps included in the package, around the tree and thread them through the loop. Then, fit the snap hook with the hammock in one of the 15 loops at the other end of the strap. That´s all there is to it. Instructions for easy assembly and recommended use are also included.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: Maky´s hammock was born from our love of adventure and our enjoyment of nature. We have tried to make use of our knowledge to provide you with perfect feelings of relaxation, no matter where you are. Whatever your outdoor experience, we hope it will be more comfortable and pleasurable. And to ensure you of it we offer you our lifetime guarantee!


K. E. Short says:

Lightweight, But Not Light On Quality! My new favorite camping supply thing! Here’s why:The tent, clips, and straps all fit into the bag, and not just when the manufacturer did it. You can do it, too! If I could, and my teenagers could, then it seems likely that most folks won’t have any issue with this.It really is as light as they say. I not only stuck in on the scale, but got to be the one who carried it around as we looked on our new property for just the right spot to place it. My purse is heavier, easily.It actually fits two real, actual adult people. There has to be a weight limit, which they claim to be 450 pounds. I”m not a small girl, weighing about what two supermodels put together might, while hubby is slender. We both fit easily, with room to actually be comfortable.The fabric is not only light, but it is kind of silky. If you’re less bundled than we were, like when it’s not January in Ohio, this will feel nice against your skin.It is well-made,…

MJ says:

Love Love Love This Hammock. Easy Hammock Setup. I’ve always wanted a hammock and Maky Outdoors makes a great one. In the video I show the straps that you attach the hammock to whatever you are using to hold it up. In my case it’s a wooden fence and a tree. I have a small backyard so not much I can attach it to. I mainly wanted this hammock for when we go camping.You just wrap the end of the strap around your anchor object (tree), then clip the carabiner into the desired loop. Same for the other side. It will probably take a few tries to get the right height adjustment. As you can see in my video we needed to go higher up the strap with the hook. But it was ok for video purpose. If the two anchor objects were closer together this would have been better.Everything fits back into the bag- easy carry and storage all in one.The storage bag stays attached to the hammock. You can use this as a storage pouch when you are in the hammock. Keep my bottled drink and phone in the pouch. Another…

Anonymous says:

I had this item in my hand 3 days after I ordered it! I love receiving my packages quickly. I weighed the package in the box it was shipped in and total it was 2.11oz! When I opened the box I was surprised at how small this hammock really was. I dont know why but for a double hammock, I was thinking it would be bulkier. Thank goodness it isnt because its perfect like it is. The straps for this were right on top when you open the bag and right from the gate you can tell its quality. There is blue triple stitching through the straps, Im assuming for security in case you machete it on accident 😉 The instructions state there should be 14′ between trees, but with 15 loops sewn into the straps, I feel it can be adapted to multiple scenarios or distances. I didnt realize the bag was sewn right onto the hammock and was very excited to see that. The parachute nylon was really nice quality and feels so nice.Im 5’6″ and slender, my other half is almost 6′ and manly ;P and we both fit…

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